Monday, February 10, 2014

DRI Nevada Medal Celebration Named Official Nevada 150 Event

Dr. Albert "Yu-Min" Lin
Governor Brian Sandoval to present annual award at evening events in Reno and Las Vegas.

The Desert Research Institute proudly announces that its annual DRI Nevada Medal Celebration has been named an Official Nevada 150 Event and is now included as part of Nevada's yearlong sesquicentennial celebration commemorating Nevada's 150th anniversary of statehood.

The DRI Nevada Medal, a national award given annually since 1988, is the highest scientific honor given in the State of Nevada and recognizes outstanding scientific, engineering, and technical achievement. Nominations are solicited from research faculty, students, organizations, and individuals statewide.

This spring DRI will proudly honor Dr. Albert "Yu-Min" Lin at evening events in Reno on March 25 at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino and at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on March 27.

"It is truly an honor to present the DRI Nevada Medal each year," said Governor Brian Sandoval. "The Desert Research Institute is a tremendous asset to our state and their work to connect both students and adult audiences alike to inspiring people like Dr. Albert Lin is helping Nevada create the next generation of great explorers, scientists and engineers."

Dr. Lin, whose Chinese name (Yu-Min) roughly translates to "Citizen of the Universe," is a research scientist at the UC San Diego division of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) and an Emerging Explorer of the National Geographic Society in the field of technology-enabled exploration.

Dr. Lin's research has taken him into the most remote regions of the world, has led to industry-changing innovations, and has expanded the role of media in science. The effort he is most known for, the Valley of the Khans Project, is a high-tech ground, aerial, and satellite-based remote sensing, non-invasive search for the tomb of Genghis Khan that was featured in a one-hour National Geographic Channel documentary film, "Forbidden Tomb of Genghis Khan," which he also narrated.

"To me the Nevada Medal comes with the heavy responsibility of honoring the spirit of human curiosity... the desire to seek the unknown, stand at its bank, and venture in," said Dr. Lin, who holds a Ph. D. in Materials Science and Engineering.

The evening programs in Reno and Las Vegas feature a private and a general cocktail reception followed by a formal dinner with presentation of the DRI Nevada Medal Award and a talk by Dr. Lin.

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