Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Greg London-Impressions That Rock

Imagine being surrounded by the Hollywood and music legends we all know and love. What would it be like if your favorite celebrity icons took over your life for a night? That's what happens in the amazing and surreal world of Greg London. Surrounded by a dazzling band and sensational singers and dancers, this Las Vegas headliner will dazzle you with his uncanny vocal impressions as he is joined on stage by a cast no Hollywood or Broadway budget could afford, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rod Stewart, Steven Tyler, Ozzy Osbourne, Robbie Williams, Sammy Davis Jr., Johnny Cash, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Louis Armstrong, David Cassidy, Tom Jones, Macy Gray, Elvis Presley...even Kermit the Frog! 
Cast: Pete Spraque, Steve Grantham, Barbara Leoni, Danny Leoni, Sarah Jessica Rhodes, Christine Richards and Tarrah Leon. Director David Taylor, Orchestrations: Eric Colvin, Choreography: Gary Thomas. 

Greg London was born in Northern California to an English mother and an American father. They moved to England when Greg was a young boy where he went to school, but they continued to travel back and forth from England to California. As a child he played trumpet in his grandfather's band and also played first chair trumpet in the California Youth Symphony. He taught himself to play several musical instruments and performs the trumpet, guitar, piano, harmonica, and percussion instruments in his shows. He performed in community theatre and musical comedy in England and America starting as a child in Windsor until his early 20s in San Francisco, where he starred opposite the stage legend Chita Rivera.

At the age of 24, during a James Bond 007 replacement, Greg had such a strong desire to be the next James Bond he begged his agent to arrange an audition, but to no avail, so he flew to London on his own to meet with the producer of the film. He appears in the 2007 movie release The Dukes. In 1984 he formed a band, playing many hundreds of dates in clubs all over California, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. He began developing his singing voice and was discovered in Pebble Beach, California by a General Electric executive, which led to engagements to perform for many and varied corporate events. By the early 1990s Greg had become one of America's top corporate entertainers. Talented at impressions and comedy, as well as having an incredible voice, Greg developed The Greg Show a musical impressions-based comedic show. In 2001 Greg was presented with the Spotlight Award, 'Entertainer of the Year' for his performances in the corporate world. Having performed in a headline showroom in Las Vegas he developed the ability to create a theatrical production incorporating all of his talents. And now starring in IMPRESSIONS THAT ROCK in Las Vegas at the Hilton, Greg is fulfilling his childhood dream to headline his own show in Las Vegas.

"Impressions That Rock" will resume its normal schedule of Wednesday to Sunday 8:30 p.m. performances in the Shimmer Cabaret after a brief dark period between July 20-August 10. Book today by calling the Las Vegas Hilton Box Office (24 hours a day) at 800-222-5361 for tickets, or click here to book online.