Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nevada Distillery Serves Up Savory New Spirit

Churchill Vineyards, Nevada's only estate winery and first legal distillery, is set to release Churchill Vineyards Brandy—the state's first legally-distilled spirit—for retail purchases on Saturday, November 2. To celebrate the occasion, the winery is unveiling Nevada’s first and only brandy during an open house at its Fallon location on Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. During the event, the public can purchase this landmark bottle of brandy while enjoying free tastings and a 20 percent case discount for wine purchased at this time.

Churchill Vineyards, owned and operated by 5th generation Nevadan Colby Frey and his wife, Ashley, have expanded their already successful winery business into the spirits market providing Nevada’s first and oldest legally commercial distilled spirit.

“This is a very exciting time for the expansion of our business,” Frey says. “We’ve been aging the brandy in premium French oak barrels for five years, allowing us to use the prestigious VSOP designation. Since 2006, we have been experimenting with our Nevada grapes, grains, and other Nevada-grown products to produce high quality spirits. With the passage of recent legislation, we are now able to sell our long-aged spirits.”

Frey handcrafted and distilled the brandy in small batches using the same grapes used to produce Churchill Vineyards’ esteemed wines. The quality of the brandy can be seen in the natural amber hue, characterizing the extraction of the oak and flavor from the French oak barrels.

“Wine and spirits have a well-documented place in the history of the old west,” Frey adds. “Coming from a long line of Nevada farmers, we’re excited to tap into Nevada’s history and bring to market a great product made from Nevada resources.”

Churchill Vineyards’ wine can be purchased at major retail outlets Whole Foods, Scolari’s Food and Drug Company, and Total Wine & More. The brandy is projected to hit retail stores around November 11. To stay up-to-date on the release, visit or follow them on Facebook at