Monday, February 7, 2011

Crazy Horse Paris

What better way to spend a night on The Las Vegas Strip than experiencing what the Parisians call “a celebration of the artistry of the nude” at Crazy Horse Paris? As you take your seat inside the world’s second-largest hotel, The MGM Grand, you’ll start to get the notion that this isn't your run-of-the-mill Las Vegas Show. Instead, you’ll be mesmerized as the show illustrates the sexual combination of sensuous choreography, stunning visual effects, song and dance to portray the dynamic wonder and beauty that is the female body. You will take pride in knowing that you observed the elite of beauty and seduction.

It’s true that cabaret shows in Las Vegas are not as highly profiled as they once were. With numerous adult-themed Las Vegas shows and the never-ending night life, guests of Vegas are constantly bombarded with endless show selections. So how does Crazy Horse Paris stand head and shoulders above their competitors? By revolutionizing the art of Cabaret. Since its inauguration in 1951, Crazy Horse Paris, the French import of Crazy Horse Cabaret, has indulged viewers with various light-and-color combinations with illuminating effects as it maneuvers onto each dancer on stage.

Inspired by the endless theme of femininity, Crazy Horse Paris features a collection of 12 classically trained and naturally toned international dancers. Watch as each dancer is exotically shed in rich colors and textured lighting designs in this French classic. These stunning visual effects enhance each dancer’s immaculate bodies as they move effortlessly and sensually on the stage. The cast of high-caliber dancers alone would be enticing enough to draw you in, but the addition of such stimulating visual effects will make you glad you came.

Another dynamic of Crazy Horse Paris is artistry taking a front seat in this modernly stylized throwback to French sexuality. Casting its dancers to be as similarly enticing as possible in body height, weight and even breast size ensures the show's ability to use their bodies as a canvas. With the use of captivating visual effects and music, the art form comes with the magically inspired way the dancers bodies are showcased, even sometimes as visual illusions.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this Parisian classic as Crazy Horse Paris illustrates the beauty and art of the female form. MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse is an erotic, yet sophisticated show that men and women will enjoy alike. No trip to Las Vegas would be complete without seeing one of its world-famous Las Vegas Shows. To start planning your wild night out on the town, check out the shows section on!—Provided by

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